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Introducing the Mr Muti Competition Tackle Box, the ultimate companion for avid anglers participating in fishing competitions. This comprehensive kit is carefully crafted to meet the demands of competitive fishing, providing you with a winning edge. Inside the Mr Muti Competition Tackle Box, you'll find a superb collection of hand-picked items, selected by the renowned angler Johan Booysen himself.


Included in the Mr Muti Competition Tackle Box:


  • 6 x Sprays: These high-performance sprays are designed to attract fish from a distance, increasing your chances of a successful catch.


  • 8 x Competition Series Dips (50ml each): Hand-picked by Johan Booysen, these specially formulated dips are tailored to maximize attraction and flavor infusion into your bait, giving you a competitive advantage.


  • 6 x Competition Series Boldips (100ml each): These potent and concentrated boldips provide an intense burst of flavor, making your bait irresistible to fish in competitive settings.


  • 6 x Mixture Floats (Bleeding, Soft, Hard): This assortment of floats offers versatility to match various fishing conditions and techniques, ensuring you have the right float for any situation.


  • 1 x Plexiglass Tackle Box: The durable and spacious tackle box provides ample storage for your sprays, dips, floats, and other essential fishing gear, keeping everything organized and protected.


  • 1 x Sticker with Custom Name: Personalize your gear with a custom name sticker, adding a unique touch to your tackle box.


With the Mr Muti Competition Tackle Box, you have a comprehensive selection of sprays, dips, floats, and a reliable tackle box, all hand-picked by Johan Booysen himself. Equip yourself with this exceptional collection of tournament-grade fishing gear and unleash your full potential in competitive fishing.


DIMENSIONS: Length: 188mm | Width: 330mm | Height: 140mm

Mr Muti Competition Tackle Box & Dips

SKU: 631
R1 569,99 Regular Price
R1 491,49Sale Price
  • Please be aware that our product may exhibit minor imperfections caused by the complexity of the glue used with the perspex material. These imperfections may manifest as glue marks on the surface of the product. We assure you that every effort is made to ensure the highest quality standards, but due to the nature of the adhesive and perspex combination, occasional imperfections may occur. Rest assured, these imperfections do not compromise the functionality or overall appeal of the product.

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