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Introducing the Mr Muti Economy Tackle Box, a budget-friendly fishing kit that provides you with essential items to kickstart your fishing adventures. In the Mr Muti Economy Tackle Box, you'll find the following items, all hand-picked by Johan Booysen himself:


  • 3 x Mielies: These corn-based baits are a popular choice for attracting a variety of fish species, offering versatility in your fishing approach.


  • 8 x Economy Series Dips (50ml each): Hand-picked for their affordability and effectiveness, these dips provide a cost-effective option to enhance the attraction and flavor of your bait, increasing your chances of a successful catch.


  • 6 x Economy Series Boldips (100ml each): These concentrated boldips offer a budget-friendly solution to add a burst of flavor to your bait, enticing fish to strike.


  • 6 x Hard Floats: These hard floats provide buoyancy and visibility, helping you keep track of your line and detect fish bites with ease.


  • 1 x Plexiglass Tackle Box: The durable plexiglass tackle box offers a convenient storage solution for your bait, floats, and other fishing essentials, keeping them organized and protected.


  • 1 x Sticker with Custom Name: Personalize your tackle box with a custom name sticker, making it uniquely yours.


With the Mr Muti Economy Tackle Box, you receive a collection of affordable yet reliable items, including mielies, dips, boldips, floats, a tackle box, and a custom name sticker. These essentials, hand-picked by Johan Booysen, provide you with a cost-effective way to enjoy fishing while still benefiting from quality gear and bait options.


DIMENSIONS: Length: 188mm | Width: 330mm | Height: 140mm

Mr Muti Economy Tackle Box & Dips

SKU: 632
R1 168,80 Regular Price
R1 110,36Sale Price
  • Please be aware that our product may exhibit minor imperfections caused by the complexity of the glue used with the perspex material. These imperfections may manifest as glue marks on the surface of the product. We assure you that every effort is made to ensure the highest quality standards, but due to the nature of the adhesive and perspex combination, occasional imperfections may occur. Rest assured, these imperfections do not compromise the functionality or overall appeal of the product.

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