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Introducing the Mr Muti X-STREME Tackle Box, a comprehensive fishing kit that includes the following items, all hand-picked by the PRO angler Johan Booysen himself:


- 6 x Sprays
- 9 x Extreme Series Dips (50ml each)
- 5 x Extreme Series Boldips (100ml each)
- 6 x Bleeding Floats
- 1 x Plexiglass Tackle Box
- 1 x Sticker with Custom Name


With each item carefully selected by Johan Booysen, the Mr Muti X-STREME Tackle Box ensures that you have access to high-quality products that meet the standards of a PRO angler. Enhance your fishing experience with this exceptional collection of sprays, dips, floats, and a reliable tackle box.


DIMENSIONS: Length: 188mm | Width: 330mm | Height: 140mm

Mr Muti X- STREME Tackle Box & Dips

SKU: 629
R1 669,99 Regular Price
R1 586,49Sale Price
  • Please be aware that our product may exhibit minor imperfections caused by the complexity of the glue used with the perspex material. These imperfections may manifest as glue marks on the surface of the product. We assure you that every effort is made to ensure the highest quality standards, but due to the nature of the adhesive and perspex combination, occasional imperfections may occur. Rest assured, these imperfections do not compromise the functionality or overall appeal of the product.

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